Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodnight and Goodbye...

...but not really! I've just created the "next generation" of this blog, called Tinoose's Other World 2 due to some formatting and upgrading concerns, the availabilty of newer and better tools (and a fear of screwing things up with an upgrade here), and a general reluctance to the idea of updating and fixing each and every posting on this blog. (LONG story, you can read part of it here.) This World is now officially retired. Please visit my new blog if you still love my dolls! It's been such a joy sharing this part of my life through my very first blog! Long live Blogger! Ho!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snow Mountain Ranch October 9-11th

Ahhh... at long last, I enjoyed a much needed and yet all too short getaway to the mountains last weekend. We ALL had fun, but let's focus on my perfect traveling companion, Bongie!

It was a little chilly up at Snow Mountain Ranch, but nothing that this little power-house couldn't handle (and still look cute, too!)!

The scenery around our cabin was fabulous, so we didn't have to wander far for some great photo ops! Below is the view looking kind of in a north-easterly direction towards the main Administration area of the camp.

Looking south-ish from our cabin, which by the way, was the Hermosa.

We got up to the mountains in time to still enjoy the lingering fall colors, and our cabin had little aspens surrounding it on 3 sides. Below, Bongie enjoying a introspective moment with her little pig:

Enjoying hot chocolate outside the Hermosa...

More hot chocolate, and lunch with the pig:

Even more hot chocolate (can you tell yet that Bongie LOVES hot chocolate???) in the sun:

The view from the front door of the Hermosa:

On the way home, we went through the Rocky Moutnain National Park-- it was absolutely breathtaking! And whooo--those hairpin turns?! More than a little scary! The best images, however, are those that I did not take-- driving through the clouds, the narrow roads with tall trees on both sides, majestic views over steep drops...

A short pit stop at the trail through the Continental Divide where Bongie basked in the sun (and ICY winds!) f0r a few moments. Then we raced against the in-coming storm the rest of the way back to Denver...

Well, so long until next time!


Another fabulous installment by beamlette...

I really love this installment by beamlette. Life going on all around while underneath a table a little boy is lost in his imagination. So with apologies to the Realm of Resin, I enthusiastically applaud this supreme story-teller (and photographer!)!



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    Lost And Found… (photostory, 16 pics)

    Posted by beamlette on October 6, 2008, 4:49 pm

    Little Boy: **playing with figure in diving suit** We’re goin’ unnerwater now…

    Hyacinth: Don’t even bother to explain – I’ve heard enough! –
    Desmond: Eh, that’s what you ALWAYS say – you never listen to begin with –
    Little Boy: Swimswimswimswim --

    Tancredi:♪Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques/Dormez vous, dormez vous…♫
    Little Boy: *coff-coff* Ew, that stinks

    Little Boy: Down… down… he goes to the bottom…

    Vivienne: *to self*…Ah well, if I cannot find where Bouddie is hiding, I shall just have to drink both myself… which is not a bad idea at all, nooo…
    Little Boy: Now we’re onna bottom of the ocean…

    Little Boy: There’s lotsa rocks… and crabs… he’s lookin’… where’s that treasure?...

    Little Boy: Uh-oh, there’s an oc-topus – watch out, Mister Diver –
    Fenchurch: Ulf, we’ve looked all over the house for your diving man – are you sure you didn’t take it outside somewhere?
    Winslow: Yeah, Ulf – or maybe one of your friends “borrowed” it?
    Ulf Nuh-uh… OH!

    Ulf: Who’re you, an’ why you got MY man? You better gimme it NOW!
    Little Boy: Huh? I found it – I’m just playin’, is all –
    Fenchurch: Uh-oh, who’s there? --

    Fenchurch: Just a minute, Ulf –
    Ulf: But – he STOLE my man! An’ I NEVER saw him before dis! --
    Little Boy: I didn’ STEAL – I found it, fair’n’square!
    Fenchurch: Shhhh, Ulf, be patient; I need to talk to our little visitor first --

    Fenchurch: Sweetie, what’s your name? Mine is Fenchurch.
    Little Boy: Ummm, I’m Kyo…
    Fenchurch: What’s your last name – and where do you live? I’ll bet your mom is worried, if she doesn’t know where you are.

    Kyo: I… I don’ remember… all I know, my name is Kyo…
    Fenchurch: That’s a very nice name, Kyo. But why are you saying you can’t remember?
    Kyo: Um… I dunno. I jus’ know I was here all a sudden, an’ I found the diver man, so I thought I’d play wit’ him, is all…

    Fenchurch: Well, I’m glad we found you, then. Do you feel OK?
    Kyo: Um, uh-huh… I think…
    Fenchurch: Do you hurt anywhere?
    Kyo: No… no hurt. Jus’… don’ remember some things… but – I think I’m hungry.
    Ulf: I ‘member – that’s MY man *pout*.

    Fenchurch: Well, sweetie, you can stay here until we find out where you’re supposed to be. Let’s give back Ulf’s diving man, and I’ll get you something to eat, OK?
    Kyo: OK… you’re so nice… I like you – Fenchurch *smile*.
    Fenchurch: *laughs* I think I like you, too, Kyo.

    Fenchurch: C’mon, Kyo, let’s get you something to eat – maybe cereal, or a sandwich?
    Kyo: Mmm, sandwich, please!
    Fenchurch: Will do! Ulf, don’t lose your diving man again!
    **Fen and Kyo exit**

    Ulf: HUH! Don’ wan’ STUPID man annymore!
    **kicks toy**

    Winslow: Heh – Kyo’d better watch his back.

          Saturday, September 27, 2008


          Main Entry: Af·ro
          Pronunciation: \ˈa-(,)frô\
          Function: noun
          Inflected Form(s): plural Afros
          Date: 1968

          a hairstyle of tight curls in a full evenly rounded shape