Saturday, May 20, 2006

Belita in the Park


I got up really early this morning because I wanted to photograph one of my dolls before going to work. I had been playing with my D.I.M. Belita the night before, trying out various wigs and hairstyles on her. I decided to pack a bag with my doll and a couple of props for a 15-minute bike ride down to the the southeast portion of City Park because there just wasn't enough interesting spots in my little garden at home. The front garden is blooming and full of big things that just didn't seem appropriate--think Edward Gorey and The Evil Garden! So, in the still cool of the morning, I quietly crept away as my downstairs neighbors slept.
This wasn't an uneventful photo shoot, however. First there was the problem of my bag bopping rhythmically against my front tire as I pedaled and visons of cracking resin tormented me. So I was forced to go very slowly until I safely crossed two busy streets and entered the park. Bop-thwish...........Bop-twhish................Bop-thwish..................
I transfered the somewhat heavy bag onto my shoulder so I could pedal freely, feel the wind tearing up my eyes, and get there already! Then there were the aggressive geese and their little chicks ominously honking and glaring at me and my whizzing wheels disturbed their peace. Then there was the fat and goofy 3-legged dog hopping after me for attention as his somewhat weird male owner staggered about trying to get him to heel. There were organizers setting up for some race-a-thon in the park as I darted between balloons and chairs and orange traffic cones.

Despite the comic beginnings, I found the perfect spot and shot about 105 frames. After an hour, I was ready to ride back home to take a shower and change for work. To my utter horror, I discovered that I had a very flat back tire. I was about a mile and a half from home and felt my stamina deflate more than that rotten tire did at the mere thought of pushing that bike home on foot! But walk I did! When I got home, I only had 20 minutes before my bus came, but all in all I think the photos were worth it! I'm tired and and very much ready for a short nap, but I hope you enjoy these new images of Belita.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Many Faces of Hana Soah...

Hana Soah

People constantly teeter at the edge of the slippery hill of BJD-dom and ask me for pictures of my dolls to see if any will cause them to fall hopelessly off of the fence. For that reason, I've decided to post all my favorite pictures of Hana Soah since her arrival in August of 2005 in one place. Enjoy!


She began life as an old orange. Impatient for the real Soah to arrive, I decided to create my own temporary BJD to try on the wigs and clothes that I had bought in eager anticipation...

...and then, she came.

Hana Soah is a beautiful doll... Thanks, Rainman!