Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blue Velvet

She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet was the night
Softer than satin was the light
From the stars
She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet were her eyes
Warmer than May her tender sighs
Love was ours
Ours a love I held tightly
Feeling the rapture grow
Like a flame burning brightly
But when she left, gone was the glow of
Blue velvet

But in my heart there'll always be
Precious and warm, a memory
Through the years
And I still can see blue velvet
Through my tears


Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Funny Post on the Zone of Zen

This one made me laugh out loud! Hope you enjoy it, too!


Zone of Zen
Subject: BJD related frustration.
(Posted by Carol in NJ on September 13, 2007, 10:19 pm)

Today I learned something new. I learned that the ladies and gents that sew for our resin kids earn every penny they charge. I also learned that circle skirts are not so easy to hem, and even harder to put a waistband on, especially if you are dumb enough to sew the back seam first. I also learned that sewing tissue paper thin fabric to a croched top...can really jam up a sewing machine. Another lesson I learned is that if you knock the container of straight pins off the table, you probably shouldn't walk around with bare feet. I learned that BJDs don't particularly like to be fit models. They kick and jerk and threaten to fall off the stands every time you try things on them. Mostly what I learned after 8 hours of to spend the money and buy the outfits. I'm going to e-bay...see you all later.

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