Thursday, June 26, 2008

Charlotte, Gerta, and the D.A.M.

I got up early on Sunday morning for another one of Ms Margaret's "Before the Sun Rises" photoshoot adventures. This time we took our girls to the Denver Art Museum. What a perfect spot for photos! And yes, yes, I agree that getting an early start was worth it!

Looking north towards the Denver Public Library:

South towards the cows:

First off, Gerta showed off a little bit of her dancing skills that she'd acquired abroad:

Dipping without a partner:

and Ending in the Warm Sun:

Meanwhile, my demure little chicky Charlotte stayed in the shade with her hair up:

And down:

Whooops! Some cute guy caught her big eye and distracted her:

And because they are such good friends, here are the two of them together:

Gerta loves people-watching:

Lastly, here is Gerta doing her very best Ben Stiller "Zoolander" impersonation!

Hahahahahaha! Love those two!


Glorydoll Lucy

Well! I finally got my Glorydoll Lucy head after almost 6 weeks of waiting. I am so exasperated with that company but I'm glad they finally got off their butts and got in touch with me and mailed my doll head. Not sure what the hold up was, but whatever, not important...

Anyway, the Lucy sculpt is very interesting looking and beautiful at the same time. I love her nose (me and noses, lol!) and if it could have been a touch more "Roman," it'd be absolutely perfect. I couldn't find my eye putty, so I used masking tape to hold her eyes in. Anyway, here are some quick shots--I should be packing because I'm leaving to go to a library conference tomorrow (ALA). Gotta squeeze in that hour and half of doll play, though!

She's borrowing Marguerite's (Custom House St. Mina) body at the moment. Lucy is kind of a small head, but too big to be MSD sized. This body works fairly well, certainly the resin is a very good match, but I think it needs to be even smaller. I don' know... I need to play more and examine her more, but don't have the time right now!

Anyway, enough chatter and on with the photos!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet Gerta!

Well, here she is! The beautiful Gerta! She is a Tea for Two Blythe that a dear friend allowed me to adopt not too long ago! She is here to support my poor Charlotte (Kozy Kape Blythe), who is currently being tormented by these tiny little sisters a.k.a. the Monnaemi Sisters.
Gerta is utterly adorable in her little A-line dress from megipupu, a little shop on Etsy.

Her happy red boots are from Chic Mystery, an eBay seller. I am thrilled with how much stuff is available for Blythe dolls on eBay.

Amazed, too!

Gerta's head is super heavy! Her skinny litle legs seem to buckle a little when I stand her upright. Thank goodness for doll stands! She needs it!

I am really taken with these big-eyed creatures! I wonder what took me so long to examine them and bring one home with me. Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad that I've finally been Blytherized! Ho! HO!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Testing an e-mail post!

I just read about posting via email, and wanted to test it with my tripping-down-memory-lane photo of the day! So, here goes!
We'll see how that worked...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Resin Meets Plastic...

Mimi: ", it's NOT! I mean, it was NOT a li..."

Bongie: "Oh hush, youYou're always disagreeing with me! I mean, just once, can't you..."

Jinamarie: "OH. MY. GOODNESS... LOOK!!!!"

Bongie: Now, what?! Jina, I swear you're always going around lost in thought and then BAM! You just..."

Jinamarie: "No, seriously, LOOK!"

Mimi (in a very tiny voice): "What the heck IS that?"

Bongie: "Whaaaa... WOW!!!"

Mimi: "Her eyes are as big as our heads!"

Charlotte (to herself): "Ok, just keep walking, pretend you don't see them. Lalalalala..."

Bongie: Wow!Errr.. WOW!!! Ummm...Oh, fried chicken in a bucket, your HEAD! How come it's so BIG?!!!"

Charlotte: "Oh! How rude! How...OH!"

Bongie: "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I just...Sorry!!! Don't cry, we might all drown if you do!"

Mimi: "BONGIE!"

Bongie: "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!! I just...Sorry!!!"

Jinamarie: "Hey wait a minute-- are you the reason our human has been so preoccupied lately and acting all guilty and stuff?" (turning to Bongie) "All those shoes and dresses that were coming in all week long-- remember? We thought they were too big for us, and too small for Miss Rosie, and we couldn't figure out WHO they were for? Remember?!"

Charlotte: ", I..."

Jinamarie: "And those really cool sunglasses! Remember? We asked our human if she's forgotten our size already and she put us back in our boxes, remember?!"

Charlotte: ", I..."

Jinamarie: "And then we kept catching our human on the computer LATE AT NIGHT, laughing! Squeeing! Muttering, 'Blythe! Blythe! Blythe!' over and over again! But when we approached her, she'd quickly switch the computer screen to the Realm of Resin or Zone of Zen!"

Mimi: "Or the Den of Angels!"

Jinamarie: "And she kept hiding all those packages coming in from Hong Kong and California! We may be small, but we're not DUMB!"

Mimi: "And she started going through the closet where all her bimbo BARBIES live!"

Jinamarie: "And cutting out a new size in dress patterns!" (advancing closer to Charlotte) "You! Who are you and what have you done to our human?!!"

Bongie: "Hey, stop!!!"

Bongie: "No, wait, STOP! We seriously do not wanna make her cry! It's been raining all week and it's still very boggy around here!" (turning to Charlotte) "I'm sorry! We're all sorry and have forgotten our manners! What's your name? I'm Bongie, I'm the Queen of The Resins, and these are my sisters Jinamarie and Mimi. How do you know our human?"

Charlotte (to herself): "Queen of the what? Resin? What? Oh, is that what you call all those Alien-looking dolls with the spooky eyes?" (out loud) "Err.. Hello... I'm Charlotte..."

Bongie takes her hand, but both of them recoil in sudden shock.

Charlotte: "Wha...yikes! What are you MADE OF?!!"

(and at the same time)

Bongie: "Sweet Pig in a Blanket, are you PLASTIC?!!"

After staring at each other in silence for a few minutes, Bongie makes a spontaneous decision for them all.

Bongie: "Well! Plastic or not, I think we're going to keep you. Your mug is kinda growing on me for some reason... You've got cool shoes, are those Keds? And hey, love the beehive, babe! I really need to buff up because they don't make cool jackets like that in my size. OOOoooOoo! Is that a cleft chin I see? How sweet! I don't have a cleft chin, but I've got dimples, see?! Hey, Jina, you should whip up a meal or something! How about cantelope and beer? And Mimi-- bring out your paints-- I bet she can hold still longer and better than I can, and you can really emphasize that cute cleft, ya know? And forgive me for asking again, but why IS your head so big? Hey, where's our..."

Charlotte (to herself): "Where is that human, indeed?! Oh dear, they're sitting so close... oh...oh! Wooo! What? Agh! Woooo! What are they doing? Oh dear... the little one is staring at me! Oh! Where IS my human???!!!"

To Be Continued...

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Blythe Madness

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that she came today! My ADG Kozy Kape Blythe! What a huge head she has, haha! I immediately set to work trying on different Blythe outfits on her, and even went through my Barbie stash looking for some smaller pieces that worked. It was fun, but horribly exhausting! I did not take pictures as I tried on stuff, so we have to settle for the last thing I've managed to change her into before calling it a night.

By the way, a very pleasant surprise was discovering that Blythe has a cleft chin! I simply did NOT notice that in the Blythe pictures I've been staring at for the past couple of years. I was a bit distracted by those ginormous eyes, I guess... The cleft chin really adds a gentle sweetness to her.

Anyway, looks like the Blythe Madness has hit my home! Heh heh! Can't wait to take her outside for some more photos. But for now, goodnight and sweet dreams...


Of Kimonos and Hair!

A Poem by an Unknown Girl

Hair......long sleek silky hair
Floppy dark raven hair
Vibrant hues of auburn hair

Mops of golden baby hair
Softly shaven 'bald-head' hair
Tennis ball-like to the touch

All different types of hair
I like so much
What is it with hair?
That makes you double-backand just stare?

But most of all the one
that steals my attention
is that dark, shaggy, in-the-eyes
type of hair! !

Heaven......... I must be mad
but do you know?
I just love hair! ! !

These three kimonos were bought on Yahoo!Japan, which is just about my favorite source for Japanese costumes for my dolls. The largest one is made of sumptuous silk, and the colors and pattern are just delightful. I actually meant it for a slightly smaller doll (Marguerite Joy), but she's so kicky and slippery that I simply could not get it on her. I will have to try again when I'm calm and not so impatient! The middle one is very cute, also of silk. It's a shorter, above-the-knees length one that suits my Miss Rosie's perky personality to a T! The color is really nicely contrasted by her tan! And the teeniest one is barely three inches tall and amazingly detailed for such a miniscule item! I am in complete awe of what Japanese seamstresses can do!

I want a kimono for every one of my dolls, which means that I have, let's see...7 more to go, hahah! Well, actually just 4. I have 2 others that just doesn't suit any of them color-wise, and Keo is a boy, so he'll get a Hakama instead. Of course, it would be nice if each could have a kimono/hakama for every season! Mina has a gorgeous autumn-hued one, and it would be fun to find a colorful spring one for her, too. Sigh........... Some day!

Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Money,


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