Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't You Know What the Night Can Do...

Ok, it's not nighttime in these photos, but I just couldn't get this classic Steve Winwood song out of my head...

Hear the night music playing?
Don't you know what it's saying?
We should feel it together

Feel the beat and just hold on
To the sweet midnight flowing
Feel the music inside you
I'll be there too

Now's the time that our dreams are finally coming true
Feels so good we're crying
Now's the time when it's down to me and you
Spread these wings - we'll be flying

Don't you know what the night can do?
Don't you know when it's touching you?
Don't you know what the night can do?

Don't you know what the night can do?

Dalphine Asked Ever So Sweetly...

...if she could go outside. Of course I said yes!

At first, she tried to entice the birds to come to her with lemons. She sat very still and quietly and patiently.

Standing up, she looked up into the sky, wondering why they haven't come...but still, she waited.

Then she tried to catch them with a birdhouse. Before long, it got cold. She put on her jacket, and then yawned. I carried her back inside, dozing in my arms...


Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Girl Named Dalphine

Thanks to aznbutterfly for both the opportunity to bring Masha home AND for your help in naming her! It's fun because I can call her Dalphie when I'm feeling silly, hee hee! And hey-- I forgive you for "Pigmillian!"

She has such a lovely profile!


P.S. This Masha is a exclusive of FDQ, not Haute Doll Magazine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Very Quiet Girl

Well, I got my first Volks BJD (thank you aznbuttefly!) and I was finally able to pick her up from the post office today! She is a Haute Doll exclusive Volks Masha. She's quite different from the rest of my resin kids, but have no doubts that she'll soon fit in with the gang. These are super preliminary photos-- I haven't even named her yet!!! However, I was just dying to see how she photographed. What do y'all think?


Monday, February 18, 2008

'Cause I'm a Woman...

I can stretch a greenback dollar bill
From here to kingdom come

I can play the numbers, pay my bills
And still end up with some

I got a twenty dollar gold piece says
There ain't nothin I can't do

I can make a dress out of a feed bag
And I can make a man out of you

'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
I'll say it again
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N

And that's all

Elfdoll Special Sooah, a.k.a. Amelie "LeeLee" Soo


Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Return of Bubba the Cat

Well, I've never told this story before, but little Mimi's favorite kitty Bubba finally came back home. When she first adopted him, he was the friendly outdoor cat that went from yard to yard visiting various barbeque parties in a certain north-east Denver neighborhood. Truth be told, Mimi actually stole Bubba from this dumb guy that lived next door because he didn't "get" why his cat kept fighting with his roommates' motley collection of (transient) dogs and ferrets. So he tossed Bubba outside to get the other guys off of his back.

Bubba actually did pretty well for himself-- his undeniable charms have earned him many tasty little tibits of barbequed chicken and grilled fish. He purred sweetly and slowly winked his little blue eyes at unsuspecting cooks and squeaked out a teeny-tiny meow. However, he was no match against the stray dogs that targeted him on a daily basis. Although seriously injured, he also was quite fat when Mimi met him-- in fact, she thought Bubba was a pregnant GIRL cat! The local vet kindly set her straight...

Anyway, long story short, Bubba never did get over the sudden trauma of losing his freedom to roam despite his enviable position as a well-fed, well loved, much pampered, and protected apartment kitty. And so every time someone opened a door, Bubba was primed to make a run for it. One day he did just that, and broke poor little Mimi's heart. But now, having sowed his wild oats and once again craving the sweet comforts of warm little hands stroking his cold little nose as he drifted off to sleep, Bubba returned to the young girl who loved him best. How he managed to find his way back to sweet Mimi all the way from Denver-- well! What can we say. Clearly, it must've been true love!

The girls' other cat Lula seems happy to see Bubba, too! She was just a wee little kitten when Bubba made his break... It makes the girls laugh to see how much bigger Lula has become!

Jinamarie is happy to see her little sis reunited with her beloved ball of fluff. Although, frankly she is also more than a little concerned because if memory serves, Bubba made some incredibly STINKY litter box deposits in the past. We're talking clear-the-room, peel the wallpaper off the walls, "I see Jesus and he's smiling at me" stinky!! They had to get the powerful multiple cat formula kitty litter even though he was the ONLY cat in the house at the time...

(excerpt from Marc Gunn's When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling)
When kitty eyes are smiling
All the world it is their play
With a leap a cat is soaring
Now your shoe lace is his prey
When kitty hearts are happy
Against your leg, you'll feel them rub
And when kitty eyes are smiling
Sure, you can't help falling in love.

Bubba and Lula were lovingly hand-crafted by IGMA artistan Bridget McCarty.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ghastly St. Mina!

I really love how this first photo came out...

I want to do these over outsides, perhaps at a cemetery or walking in the woods. The following photos were taken last evening, and I'm not entirely happy with them, but it shows the entire outfit. And actually, only the hat and the capelet/cloak thingy is from Tonner's Evangeline Ghastly bjd-- the dress is from his American Model doll (Monte Carlo). Evangeline Ghastly! What a name, huh? I love it-- though the doll had to grow on me (Evangeline, not Mina). I still don't believe I'll buy her, but I do like her clothes and accessories!

See her cute Leeke World wig?! I've been waiting forever for it!

Thanks for looking-- I ADORE St. Mina!