Monday, September 01, 2008

Quiet Contemplation

I love that time of morning right before the sun gets high in the sky, and everything is still and the world is slowly waking up. It's a perfect time to go outside and take pictures both for the incredible lighting and because there are not a lot of people out and about...

Ruth (my deaf Glorydoll Lucy) expressed herself through movement and quiet contemplation at the man-made lake-pond-thing at Stapleton.

Mimi (Elfdoll's Min Del Re) wanted to practice her painting, so she came out, too and Ruth sat patiently for her.

The magical morning came to an abrupt end by a wet dog who ran straight for Ruth while shaking the water off of his body. I managed to rescue her while his owner called for him. Since they decided to stick around and play fetch with the mangly mutt, Margaret and I decided to go get breakfast before spending a few hours doing faceups on a couple of Dollstown heads.

Since we had to wait for the heads to dry, we got back in the car and headed over to the Platte River to the old bridge that is next to the Skateboard park. Oblivious to the sounds of the raging river behind her, Ruth just sat and enjoyed the feel of the warm sun on her face and the cool breeze that carries the hint of approaching Autumn through her hair…

She decided to climb up the side of the bridge before I could stop her!

After she climbed back down and I had her safely secured in her carry bag, Margaret and I walked over to this thing that looked like the Great Wall of China. I'm not sure what it was since I didn't stop to read the plaque. Ruth climbed up and sat where she had a perfect view of the skyline and the rest of the park.

Here she is at the top of the stairs in the wall. She was securely resting against the wall, but...

...some bonehead and her boyfriend and big dog went careening by and Ruth toppled over and scraped her lovely lip. So, I'll have to figure out how to fix it. Sigh... the couple just laughed and pretended to cry when Ruth fell over. I guess they had no idea 1. how rude they were, and 2. how expensive Ruth was! Oh well, at least I got an interesting photo before she fell...

(See her poor boo-boo??)

Here she is resting after that mishap.

Moments later, two wet (I don't know why-- they either sweat more than I do or they fell into the Platte River at some point...) teenaged boys came up and starting climing the walls and rough-housing so Margaret and I decided to just call it a day.



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