Monday, March 31, 2008

Natural Light Beauty

Gosh, I just can't get enough of this doll's face! She's so pretty! So here's some more photos taken of her in natural daylight. Enjoy!


Valera's Third Faceup...

Well, I NEED to get some paints so I can work more on eyebrows and lashes, but here she is, attempt #3.

The only thing (besides the bad brows and lashes, lol!)is that while the colors photographs fairly well, in person, she is very "high color"-- she looks too "stained" to me with too much blushing. Part of the problem, I sure, is that I did it last night in bad lighting! And I just didn't know when to stop!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let Freedom Ring

We went to visit the Martin Luther King monument in City Park this evening. Valerie spent an hour reflecting upon a few historical giants as dusk quietly fell...

(Valerie is a Dollstown Elysia head on a Dollstown 13B-Girl body.)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitty and her kitties have an Office Party!

They've invited the sweet-tempered Mina along!

I often bring my dolls to work with me when I find that I need a bit of extra cheering up. I have a whole miniature office set up in one corner, a cute chair made of twigs in another, and plenty of room for my dolls to come visit. It's rather a nice thing, actually, and I'm glad that my workplace tolerates it!


Monday, March 24, 2008

My 2nd BJD faceup....

I wanted this sculpt to have a very light, natural look-- this character is a "soap and water" kind of girl. Anyway, I didn't do lashes or eyebrows because I don't have the right supplies yet, but I was focusing on doing the lips.

My first faceup was yesterday, and after it was done I started laughing because I thought, "Gee, my soap and water girl sure likes Cherry Kool-Aid!" She had that crazy stained mouth look that small kids get. She also looked like a makeup counter disaster with WAAAAAY too much blush! So, I wiped it and tried again. I'll need to try to take clearer photos because the lighting is just not showing what *I* see when I look at her. She has a little bit (just a little!) more color than is shown in the pics. For example, very light blushing over her face. And I tried sketching in her eyebrows using an oil-free pastel pencil, but apparently, it just brushes away, lol! I can tell that eyebrows and lashes are going to be a real bear for me, though...

Ok, enough chatter, tell me what you think please:

VERRRRY faint, but I added little white (well, light peachy-white) lip lines! Weee!

Very over-lighted photo, but you can best see the faint eyebrows I did:

Oddly enough, I like how the left side came out better. I am right-handed and ended up doing the left side upside down. Maybe I should do them BOTH upside down...) First I shaded a flesh-tone pastel where I wanted the brows to go as my guide, and then I lightly sketched the eyebrows in with a pastel pencil in brown.

I have SOOO much respect for all you faceup artists out there-- this is very hard work! But fun!